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Application Requirements People over 16 years of age are interested in art literature and education and are willing to learn to join. Service Hours Volunteer shift schedule: 09: 30-12: 30 in the morning, 12: 30-15: 30 in the noon, and 15: 30-18: 30 in the evening. Each volunteer must be on duty at least twice a week. (Shifts should be adjusted according to the opening hours of each exhibition.) Service Work Content 1. Responsibilities of on duty: safety and order maintenance of exhibition works, and audience guidance. 2. Activity Assistance: Assist in carrying out related education promotion activities. There are no restrictions on the time of participation, volunteers can collaborate flexibly. Advanced Service Work Content Volunteer guides: Participate in the book reading sessions and apprenticeships of the guides, and exhibit on duty for 6 hours. After the staff of the museum approves, you can arrange the museum guided tour. Education Training The museum will hold volunteer training, guided tours, workshops, and lectures based on the exhibition. All volunteers must participate in volunteer training, and other sessions are chosen by volunteers’ will to attend. However, volunteer guides must receive a certain amount of training courses. Recruitment Time We cooperate with the exhibition period for public recruitment, so please pay attention to the latest news about the museum. Contact 02-27321104 # 63492 montue2011@gmail.com


In order to train relevant personnel in the fields of art education, art administration, and museums, we welcome undergraduates and graduates from universities and colleges at home and abroad to come to our museum for internships and research work. Recruitment Target Those who are 18 years or older are currently enrolled in arts and humanities-related subjects at universities and research institutes at home and abroad. Internship Period We cooperate with the exhibition period for public recruitment, so please pay attention to the latest news about the museum. Application method 1. Prepare the file belowed: (1) Resume (2) Autobiography (short text within 500 words) (3) Internship plan (please specify motivation, goals, and time plan for applying for internship) (4) Certificate of academic and experience (please take photos and upload files) 2. The first phase of the volunteer review will take place in the museum. After passing the review, we will notify the applicant to participate in the interview. 3. After passing the interview, we will notify applicants to register at the scheduled time and start the internship. Internship Completion After 200 hours internship works, the certificate of internship from will be proved by the museum. Contact 02-27321104 # 63492 montue2011@gmail.com