本館成立於20118月,為國立臺北教育大學一級輔教單位。這所學校於日治時期即孕育多位前輩藝術家,是臺灣現代藝術的發源地。本館以「北師」命名且其英文名稱MoNTUE (Museum of National Taipei University of Education),由週一(Mon)與週二(Tue)的字首組成,週週成就百年,承繼本校百年榮光,「傳承」與「創新」與時俱進,歷久彌新。

Founded in August 2011, MoNTUE is a premium education supplementary department in the National Taipei University of Education (NTUE). During the Japanese occupation, the school fostered many artists, and considered a founding cradle for the modern art of Taiwan. The MoNTUE deliberately keeps its Chinese title reflecting its days as a normal college. The acronym of “MoNTUE” is interpreted as putting together the first letters of Monday and Tuesday. It signifies that week by week a hundred years of history was shaped. The museum fosters to the both essences of heritage and innovation with its one-hundred-year history. Through time, it will only grow to be better.




The exterior of MoNTUE are filled with red bricks. By connecting the campus and the city, and bold usage of floor-to-ceiling windows with its brightness and openness, the seeing-through quality flips the perspective of viewing. On the campus side, on the city streets, or on the metro running through, everyone can enjoy the flexible interchange of the space and layers as the museum’s accessible architecture language, the art energy spread, and the dialogues commenced. 



The exhibitions and education events at the MoNTUE are catered to an audience from different ages and generations. By concentrating on “people,” the museum has promoted art education since its founding, and established an Education department focusing on listening, thinking, and interpreting. It aims to initiate dialogues and to create intensive interactions between space, works, and visitors. 



MoNTUE has collaborated with art institutions, curators, artists locally and internationally with its educational resources and innovative energy of art to put on various of exhibitions and events to accumulate academic researches and realizations. A different museum experience therefore has been created for the students, faculty and the public as an open platform for cross-disciplinary exchange.


本館所藏來自美國紐約大都會博物館,製作於1870年前後的百件石膏模製品(Plaster casts),經師生自主修復,跨越時空,在全國各級學校中,進行「One Piece Museum 百聞不如『一件』館校合作計畫」,結合國家美感教育的教學計畫,延續其百年的生命。

Over 100 plaster casts produced by the Metropolitan Museum of Art around 1870 are among the permanent collection of the museum. After a major restoration by students and faculty members from the NTUE, an educational project “One Piece Museum” has been created to tour them in different schools as part of National Visual Aesthetic Education Project. The centennial objects continue their life and original function as part of art education.


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Concept of operation and architecture 
導演/Directed by:林君昵
攝影/Photograph by:黃宏錡

⊕ MoNTUE北師美術館開館大展「米開朗基羅的當代對話」短片←請點擊收看
MoNTUE Grand Opening Exhibition: A Contemporary Dialogue with Michelangelo
導演/Directed by:林君昵
攝影/Photograph by:黃宏錡

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